Who Draws the Line?


(Part 6)

The line has been drawn. Marriage has been re-defined. One word rises again and again. Love. If we as Christians are to love our neighbor, shouldn’t we agree with the re-definition of marriage? Continue reading


Everybody’s In… Or Are They?

(Part 5)

“And here is what I believe it means to be reborn: The first time you’re born, you identify the people in the room as your family. The second time you’re born, you identify the whole world as your family. Christianity is not about joining a particular club; it’s about waking up to the fact that we are all in the same club. Every last one of us. So avoid discussions about who’s in and who’s out at all costs. Everybody’s in, baby…. So when they tell you that gay people are a threat to marriage, honey, think hard.” – Momastery

Let’s contrast Momastery’s rather bold statement with what Scripture says. Continue reading

Dear Glennon

Dear Glennon,
At the beginning of this year my sister-in-law introduced me to your blog Momastery. Specifically the posts (A Mountain I’m Willing To Die On, Jesus’d Be Gay or…no She Didn’t, and I Support Your Rights To Share My Rights). A lot of what you had to say in these blogs drew red flags in my mind. I felt that much of what you have to say on the subject of homosexuality is not rooted in God’s Word. You got me thinking though and for that I’m grateful. 

You mentioned in the beginning of “A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On” that if anyone should disagree they should do so in love. My hope is that I have responded in love and will continue to do so. I thought about responding to you in a comment but there were so many thoughts that I decided to respond in a blog posts. Hence, I created this blog. (Some may not consider it blogging quite yet since I’m getting the hang of what this is supposed to look like, but bear with me.)

As I began posting my responses it became clear there would be more than one or two posts. So I’m writing this letter to you as an explanation to my many references to your blog. My intention is to not to insult you but rather challenge your stance in light of the totality of the Scriptures and the character of God.

My plan is to finish my responses within the next two or three blogs. Thank you for bringing to my attention what you and others believe. I ask that you might prayerfully consider my responses.  


Can Sin Evolve?


(Part 4)

What are God’s standards concerning homosexuality?

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”Leviticus 18:22

As addressed in the previous blog, it is important for us to look at context as we read God’s Word. Let’s not just jump onto the train of following rules or simply reading Scripture for an understanding of how things were. Instead let’s look at the differences/purposes behind these rules & regulations to determine whether or not they apply to us today. These following questions can be helpful to us: Continue reading

Can the Bible Evolve?


(Part 3)

“…we don’t believe that homosexuality is a sin. Your parents are Christians who believe that the Bible is inspired by God, just like people are. And since the Bible is a living thing, it is in its very nature to evolve toward becoming more loving.” – Momastary (I Think Jesus’d Be Gay Or… No She Didn’t)

The writer is saying she doesn’t believe homosexuality to be a sin. Why? Because the Bible “evolves toward becoming more loving.” If, and please understand I’m emphasizing the “if”, the Bible is evolving to become more loving, we would have to accept the following statements: Continue reading

Why Does He Care?

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(Part 1)

The argument goes back and forth over whether homosexuality is a sin; and whether Christians should be accepting the union of two people of the same gender. The more conservative say it is wrong, while those of more liberal character view homosexuality as something that should be accepted whether you believe it to be right. The fight continues and hackles rise on a more consistent basis, especially after the recent Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage.

At this point I wonder if we as Christians are asking the wrong question. The question that should be raised is “why”. Why is homosexuality such an issue? Conservatives say, because God calls homosexuality a sin. Well, why would God even care? Continue reading