Dear Glennon

Dear Glennon,
At the beginning of this year my sister-in-law introduced me to your blog Momastery. Specifically the posts (A Mountain I’m Willing To Die On, Jesus’d Be Gay or…no She Didn’t, and I Support Your Rights To Share My Rights). A lot of what you had to say in these blogs drew red flags in my mind. I felt that much of what you have to say on the subject of homosexuality is not rooted in God’s Word. You got me thinking though and for that I’m grateful. 

You mentioned in the beginning of “A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On” that if anyone should disagree they should do so in love. My hope is that I have responded in love and will continue to do so. I thought about responding to you in a comment but there were so many thoughts that I decided to respond in a blog posts. Hence, I created this blog. (Some may not consider it blogging quite yet since I’m getting the hang of what this is supposed to look like, but bear with me.)

As I began posting my responses it became clear there would be more than one or two posts. So I’m writing this letter to you as an explanation to my many references to your blog. My intention is to not to insult you but rather challenge your stance in light of the totality of the Scriptures and the character of God.

My plan is to finish my responses within the next two or three blogs. Thank you for bringing to my attention what you and others believe. I ask that you might prayerfully consider my responses.  


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